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Without integrity the entire mountain will collapse. This metaphor relates to your daily life.

Take care of yourself. Aquarius or Aquarius Rising Butterflies. Our brains are trained to see the limitations of our reality.

Daily Horoscopes Wednesday October 9th

As children we need to learn certain limits so that we can survive. A caterpillar is limited by gravity, until it becomes a butterfly. The same is true for you. Pisces or Pisces Rising The pied piper. But now is the moment to be deeply honest with yourself. There are feelings that need to be acknowledged. There are practical things you can do to help this along.

Spend time alone. Contemplate nature. Talk about your feelings. Eliminate distractions. Aries or Aries Rising Cotten candy at the county fair. How do you cultivate hope? What are the special ingredients? There must be a little bit of fluffy optimism. But at the core of optimism is a belief. A belief is what holds this sweet and airy confection together. Spin a cloud of hopefulness around yourself. You can create it with a little sugar and a helpful positive belief.


Taurus or Taurus Rising A trail in the jungle. You can make your home anywhere. Home comes from a sense of belonging and belonging starts in your own heart. Walk through the jungle in your imagination and sense the abundance of life. This feeling is real abundance that can support you anywhere you go.

You belong and you have enough. Use your imagination to feel it. Taurus or Taurus Rising Petals in the wind.

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We are comforted by the familiar. Look for ways to break the patterns. This can be beautiful. Like a shimmer of petals on the wind. Gemini or Gemini Rising Piano keys. Beauty is the result of practice. You are developing new muscles. Find a system and follow it. Simplify your life. Go step by step. Your attention will wander.

Bring it back and continue to improve. If you can manage to do this without self-judgement, you will feel as if you are playing a beautiful song. Keep your attention focused in the moment and you will feel centered. Cancer or Cancer Rising Helium balloons. Helium is lighter than the surrounding molecules, so it floats. You need to focus on your own creativity and contribution. Just keep floating up above it all.

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This is easier if feel generous about your contribution. Let your feeling of generosity uplift you. Leo or Leo Rising Tadpole on the brink of transformation. What needs to change for you to feel accepted? You may yearn to feel more accepted in your family, community or career.

This feeling you crave starts from a deep sense of self-acceptance. You are on the brink of a transformation and it begins with your sense of belonging and feeling at home in this world. Virgo or Virgo Rising Horizon line. The horizon line is both defined and undefined. Real and imaginary. You are doing mental gymnastics as you study your thought patterns and explore new mental frontiers.

Our thoughts and beliefs broadly determine our life experience. Sometimes we need to change how we think so that we can change our lives. Be brave and proactive as you redefine what you believe. Libra or Libra Rising A feast. One way to increase your sense of security is to honor what you already have.

Play the gratitude game. Give thanks for your resources everyday. Whatever they may be. If all you have is the air that you breathe, start there. Giving gratitude is a form of generosity. Scorpio or Scorpio Rising Light on a riverboat. This symbol says that you are moving through shadows and you are in emotional territory. You will soon cross the river and arrive at dry land. The best thing that you can do is to sit with the emotions and feel them fully. When you get to dry land you can process the experience with more logic. This emotional journey is helping you become your most authentic self.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising Grecian columns. You are seeking inner stability.

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You are defining your inner pillars of self trust and self worth. You can do this through meditation. When in doubt, look for your resilience within. This is an spiritual and emotional connection with your strength.

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Meditation is a practice that helps you increase your emotional resilience. It is the columns that support your structure. Capricorn or Capricorn Rising High flying hawk.

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  • You need more perspective. You are ready for change and you need to find a new way of doing things. Before you can get into the nitty gritty of what that looks like, you need to fly high above and connect with the big picture. What do you believe?