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Read on to find out what their stars. Cancer man always comes off as someone who prefers to be left alone. Uncomfortable with strangers, this man will not make the first move to get to know people in the room. When he is attracted to someone, it will take some time before he makes a move and will make sure that she is someone worthy of his time and love.

Cancer and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Crab in a commitment is someone who wears his heart on his sleeves. Cancer men are known to be good fathers and husbands. Intelligent, strong and sensitive women with strong family values make his heart flutter. Her serious demeanor may give men the impression that she is standoffish but she is actually the opposite. This lady is funny, charming, dependable and thoughtful once you get to know her. Capricorn finds it difficult to open up and it takes a few more encounters with her before she warms up to others.

Truth is, Ms. She is attracted to men who are successful, romantic and funny. Flings do not appeal to her because she is into long-term commitments. Marriage may come in late for this driven gal who desires to provide the best for her family. Cancer woman is all about how she feels. She guards her heart fiercely and will only open it to a man who earns her trust. Once committed, this lady will be extremely devoted and affectionate to her partner and will expect the same from him.

Cancer woman longs to walk down the aisle and raise a family. Crab is very moody so it is important for the man to be understanding and sensitive to her emotional needs. She falls for a man who is romantic, faithful, family-oriented and supportive. Capricorn man treats his career and love life seriously. Goat likes to analyze and strategize and will only make a move after a plan has been hatched. He is not the type to fool around and will patiently search for the lady who can capture his heart. This man is romantic and finds fulfillment when involved in a long-term relationship.

Because this guy has no commitment issues, this man is a perfect candidate for marriageā€¦.. He is the type who will adore his family and will work hard to take care of them. He is serious at everything he does and aims to provide the best for the people he loves. Achiever falls for a woman who is intelligent, witty, confident and sensitive. When these two get together, a strong and secure relationship ensues. Cancer will bring emotions to the life of a pragmatic Capricorn. This couple will become closer together during times of trouble, when their relationship serves as the rock on which they can lean on.

Both are family-oriented and share the same desire to be in long-term commitments. These two yearn for parenthood and their parenting styles will blend well. With doing things together, Cancer goes with the flow, Capricorn plans. Capricorn is strategic with the understanding time is a valuable asset. Capricorn is more than happy to give Cancer rule of the home.

They can get their taste for rulership in the workplace. In the Cancer and Capricorn relationship, the Capricorn mate is one who will take the lead. They protect their partner at all costs. Emotive Cancer appreciates the shelter Capricorn provides. They can start out as childhood friends or meet after growing up.

Either way, a strong friendship serves as the lasting relationship foundation. The compatibility factor is high because they mirror the needs of one another. They may even work out the karmic debt of ancestors or from lifetimes long ago. It is here old wounds bubble up from the subconscious. It gives both a chance to find closure on old emotional issues and to begin with a clean slate.

Some pairings might even work through ancestral traumas carried in their genetic coding. When Cancer and Capricorn affair first meets, they feel a deep kinship. Something inside of them tells this duo they belong together.

Capricorn Compatibility

The emotional bond runs deep. They enjoy spending time with one another but require freedom. It will help avoid co-dependent behaviors from taking root. The magic of the Cancer and Capricorn affair comes from the friction of opposites. In the bedroom, the chemistry continues and intensifies. But, Cancer is reluctant to emerge from their emotional shell. Meanwhile, Capricorn knows what they crave. Thankfully, Capricorn has the tolerance of the Gods. They allow Cancer to take their time.

They wait while Cancer goes about the business of letting loose one inhibition after another. Cancer brings to Capricorn a level of emotional intimacy they have never experienced. Capricorn teaches Cancer how to express deep emotions through physical touch. This couple enters the bedroom while merging compassion and passion. Cancer and Capricorn compatibility is high because of the way they communicate.

Cancer is receptive and willing to listen to Capricorn whenever they need an ear. These two can talk for hours as they share similar interests. Cancer will talk about the routine of running a home and raising children. Capricorn loves to talk about their work ambitions. Neither party cares for secrets. Being loyal is high on the list of demands.

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Secretive behavior is suggestive otherwise. If anybody holds secrets its Cancer, who may not always share their deepest feelings. Capricorn may not tell Cancer everything if they are protecting their emotions. In a Cancer and Capricorn relationship, both find the home-life comforting. This duo cherishes their home and slips into a routine with ease.

Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle

With Cancer at the helm of making the home a soft place to land, Capricorn loves coming home after a long day of work. This pair communicates well and makes for excellent parents. Cancer teaches the children to dream. Capricorn teaches them to make dreams happen. Where do the Capricorn and Cancer connection clash? There are few differences between these souls.

But, a couple of pitfalls need addressing.

It helps to avoid the destruction of long-term possibilities. It is a joining of intellect and heart, so this duo might not always agree. Acceptance of differing viewpoints helps maintain tranquility in the relationship. Cancer personalities like to take their time and enjoy the moment. If Capricorn has a tight schedule, they may not have too much patience for Cancer. They might see their partner as lackadaisical.

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Cancer sees no need to rush things. Capricorn wants onward to the next venture. Cancer can talk in circles. Capricorn prefers straight talk without all the fluff. If either party grows irritated with the other, a brief timeout goes a long way. The longer the relationship continues, the bigger the chance of encountering pitfalls. First, Cancer to become resentful or bitter.

Cancer needs equal time outside of raising a family and tending to the home. Cancers are homebodies. But, they have big imaginations and lifelong dreams they want to fulfill too.