Gay aquarius and aquarius love compatibility

If you want to go out for the night, offer them a choice of cinema or gig, rather than a choice of going out or not going out. Think toddlers and vegetables --you know, do you want broccoli or carrots rather than do you want veg. Adjust to their schedule. Aquarius wants to learn from you also. Aquarius is an unpredictable sign, ruled by Uranus, and your Aquarius lover has a pathological horror of routines, rules and regulations.

Compatibility Aquarius style means adjusting to the unexpected just when you could really do with the tried and tested.

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If you are in love with an Aquarius, learn to be as flexible as possible, otherwise your relationship is going to fail for good. The thirst for knowledge is never going to be quenched by all that water that your Aquarius is carrying around. If you can teach them something new and hold their interest with a lifetime of continued exploration and learning, they will love you for loving their brain. Although Aquarius carries water as a symbol, they are actually an air sign. As a sign of the air, they value intellect and the pursuits of the mind above all else.

Show your love by reading or writing a poem. Be clear about your emotions. Avoid drama and be real.

Aquarius Dating Aquarius - Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility: It Takes One To Know One

Always, when you are dealing with an Aquarius, make sure that you are clear about your emotions and your intentions. An Aquarius likes to know exactly what is in your head, what you are feeling and where you are going. One of the best traits of an Aquarius is that they accept people as they are. They rarely judge or laugh at someone. Bullying is not their thing. When you are in a relationship with an Aquarius, you may not worry about your flaws.

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Aquarians never get along with dishonest people and have trouble forgiving those who hurt them. Aquarians cannot stand listening to someone who is not satisfied with life or whose life is always filled with relationship drama. If you have any issues with your parents, boss or friend, moaning about it will have no sense. They just do not care. While your Aquarius may help you to solve a super difficult problem, do not count on them all the time.

Next time, they might just ignore your issues. Aquarius needs fully trust before they open up. They love very hard. They like having their secrets, since they know that the ultimate trust lies within themselves.

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Truth is, once you win their heart, they have the capability to make you special in the grandest way. They are not the type to end relationships over silly problems. Instead, they will take the time to work out any major problems that may arise.

Aquarius and Aquarius Love Compatibility

They will stick with their partners through thick and thin and are prone to long-term relationships. Aquarius is a sign that will be there for you no matter what and that will care for you no matter what you are going through.

They will support you, no matter what you are doing. Aquarius individuals in love feel deeply and truly; they would give their life for you! Aquarians hate getting into fights. You may be the one that goes over. Everyone hates getting into fights. Aquarius is super tolerant in a relationship. Fighting is really easy with an Aquarius because they just take it and they have a really good handle on their anger, while other signs might blow up completely.

Have you ever seen an Aquarius explode in anger? They, in most case, will ignore you, use silent treatments because they know they will say very, very mean and ruthless things. Often, they can bring up all the bad things in the relationship every time they have heated arguments. They are frank and can even bring up nasty things about you and may not be aware how hurtful you can be. Rather than saying they are angry at you, they will declare that you have disappointed them badly.

They may try to disengage themselves to prevent getting provoked even more. At the end of the story, they may decide not to be with you anymore. Prepare yourself for mood swings. If you want to enjoy your Aquarius company, you should be prepared to bear their mood swings. But when in a black mood, they can kill with their sarcasm and slay with their anger. Aquarians can go from sweet and loving to being irritated with the way you breathe at the drop of a hat.

It is best to not fight it and just let it pass. It can be very difficult to be around them, since you never know when they can turn their anger towards you. Innovation and Creativity. Aquarians are one of the most creative signs in the zodiac. They do not like feeling boxed in by anything in everyday matters. The same goes for an Aquarius in love. They are prone to surprising their partners.

One day, your Aquarian partner will suggest a walk in the park. The next day, he may suggest a trip to Brazil. Their innovative ideas are part of how they express their feelings. Never expect monotony from an Aquarius in love. One of the ways that an Aquarius shows love is through creative ideas. An Aquarius in love will keep you on your toes. Though they are not prone to grand shows of romance, they will find creative ways to express their emotions in a way that they feel comfortable.

The sign is also known for creating unique ideas for dates, no simple dinner and a movie for an Aquarius! They also prefer a sentimental homemade gift over expensive jewelry, especially for Aquarius women. You got a friend in me. Aquarians are one of the most personable signs in the zodiac. It seems like everywhere that an Aquarius goes; he or she makes a friend.

They're extroverted and just can't help getting to know others. This spreads to an Aquarius in love. They personify the statement "friends first" when in relationships. Typically, an Aquarius will not just jump from person to person.