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As a Libra, your spirit is calm, graceful, and cooperative. You are naturally drawn to all things beautiful, and likely possess one -- if not many -- artistic talents.

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Instead of looking at the world in black and white, you see the all grays between. For you, love is all about give and take. Relationships must be fair and balanced, or you will not be satisfied. You are an expert at creating harmony and maintaining peace, and will do everything in your power to keep things easygoing in love.

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You do well in relationships, but this may often come at the expense of your own needs. While you will go to great lengths to maintain peace with your partner, you can be so amicable that your individuality disappears. Libra is a Cardinal sign, which makes you a great self-starter.

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Because you hold strong values of truth, justice, and equality, a career in law or politics is a perfect path for your sign. But because your nature is genuinely friendly and cooperative, you can really thrive in teamwork settings too. Just like in your love relationships, you strive to create solid, equal relationships with your friends.

You prefer to get together with friends one-on-one, as opposed to big group settings, so you can devote real, undivided attention to each other. Because your sign is ruled by Venus, you possess a natural charm and grace that easily draws others toward you.

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Who is the fairest of them all? You are! Get your complete birth chart to see how all the planets influence you personally. Uncover the complex and deeper issues around any romance with the insight and advice of this card love Tarot reading.

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This card Tarot reading looks at every aspect of your life through the 12 houses of Astrology. Comments: Libra Tomorrow Horoscope. Torun Will i get good support from my higher officials in my current job or get a permanant settlement in my recent job or will get a good job in near future? Rajesh Nandi Say me about my education. If you can. Can you fix it please? Kelly And there it goes again.

Scorpio instead of Libra. M I want to know about my education.

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