Monster moon march 9 astrology

March 9 Birthday Horoscope

I was just talking with my grandchildren as we were looking at the moon during the day as to when the next full moon was. We looked at our local weather stations web site and found nothing.

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I said I bet the farmers almanac will know and there it was! Now we are on a new subject about you lol. This is lovely! Thank you.

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The FA has to be more mainstream and more people need to know about it. I am really enjoying all you have on these pages, which I found by accident! My Cairn Terrier and my Yorkies are out on the deck, looking up at the moon! Wonder what they know Reminds me of being home, on the farm, in New Jersey, when I was a little girl.

Thank you for your never ending help with your almanac! I have enjoyed it's many uses for years!

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  8. Why, thank you, Alejandro! Your kind words made our day. High in the sky at night a moon its in its full bloom , past the summer equinox to pick some things you have planted in your gardens the next day enjoy your fruits an labours. Thank u for keeping us all informed of the latest full moon. I trust the Farmer's Almanac, as I have seen the printed copies and even bought them, before. I can most definitely feel the energy surrounding the waxing of the full moon, but like the gentleman states in the comments below, the cycles of the moon are most affecting. The weekend before the full moon was to was the fullest, he felt, had the best energy.

    March 9, Lunar calendar, Moon Phase |

    To this day, I have kept that in mind. Thanks for enlightening us all on the various types of moons; ie: Strawberry, Blue, Sturgeon, etc. Enjoy, everyone! Thank you! I love this Almanac!

    Tonight's Sky — Change location

    Keep up this work! I must say, I am firing up, as the moon waxes and becomes full only to be more tired as it wanes! Is it me? Or do I react to my wife's women's cycle? It's great being here though, in the waxing! Great dreams! Full energy!

    But, what goes up, must come down! It is indeed a most beautiful moon tonight! So clear one can almost count its craters, mountains and vales! Some look at a wonder such as this and say it is a marvel of modern science to know such a thing, others say it is a wonder of nature that such a scene could happen. I looked at this beautiful moon tonight and thought, it is a wonder of the Logos, the work of the creating and sustaining hand of Jesus Christ! How marvelous is His mercy and grace, when with all that is wrong with mankind, the good Lord in His goodness continues to give us glimpses of the beauty of His glory and majesty!

    Thank you for the beautiful comment! All glory to God! That is, it will be the third full moon in the summer season which has four full moons in This is the original, correct definition of a Blue Moon. The definition about the second full moon in a month is a more recent simplified usage.

    Most tropical years have 12 full Moons, three for each season. But occasionally it contains one extra Moon. This is the case next year with the four full Moons in summer. Thanks for pointing this out! If each season normally has three full moons, why then, wouldn't the term 'blue moon' refer to the FOURTH full moon of the season, since it's the rarer one? Neal Armstrong gives the Earth a wink, and good-bye, as his funeral is today, the day of the Full Blue Moon.

    Wow, that is amazing!

    Astrology for March 2019 Mercury retrograde 'Pisces New Moon 'Equinox Full Moon'.

    He could not have planned it better had he planned it himself. Of course, we know we cannot choose the date of our birth nor our death and we certainly cannot be assured of the date of our funeral.

    Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive

    Things like this should make even the most stern of agnostics and atheist wonder if "somebody bigger than you and I" is not in control after all! Nemesis is the ancient Greek Goddess who enacts retribution against those who succumb to hubris arrogance before the Gods. Gordon Sondland Birth Chart. Click to view larger image. So far so good, the relationship could have been a fortunate one, benefiting both parties.

    The rest of the mutual aspects though show another side of the picture, one that could easily sour the relationship. There is even a possibility of danger with aggressive enactment Mars of long held but hidden resentments Pluto between the individuals involved; a possibly explosive combination. When two individuals share a Saturn-Sun-Venus connection in this instance an extremely strong one there is a life lesson to be learnt, restrictions and limitations to be endured.

    It is Sondland here that view and experience Trump as an authority figure, the one who makes the rules. And, apart from any positive or negative connotations, the alignment of Sun, Venus and Saturn makes the relationship more serious and important, one that will have enduring repercussions and hopefully also help to further the psychological maturity of both parties. What I find of even greater interest here is the fact that the degree of the Sondland-Trump Sun-Saturn-Venus alignment in Cancer is very close to the degree of the long awaited Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the opposite Sign of Capricorn.

    Knowing the lasting and far-reaching effects of Eclipses, when aligned to important points in the Birth Chart, it is not surprising to see the effects of that cosmic event spilling all over the news at this time. Regulus was one of the four pillars of the ancient sky-universe. Bernardette Brady, one of the most serious contemporary authority on Sidereal Astrology, reads a strong potential for downfall in this Star power too, especially if the individual embraces revenge as a way of redressing true or imagined wrongs.

    So this Star can bring one to very high ranking positions but also to dramatic reversals if its power is abused. Regulus had certainly its negative side according to more traditional sources also. It is supposed for instance to instigate violence, to be often destructive, offering military honors of short duration, because benefits tend not to last, with ultimate failure and even imprisonment possible. The ancient scholar-astrologer Ptolemy second century ad talked about the Leo constellation and its alpha star Regulus in his treatise Almagest, describing its effect on human personality and destiny as a combination of Mars and Jupiter influence, mainly fortunate but also given to extremes, especially if ill aspected at birth.

    In a Birth Chart an alignment of Mars to Jupiter will provide the personality with great drive, optimism and stamina, with the risk of grandiosity though, making the individual prone to self-inflation and given to excessive risk taking. A very poetical description. This connection appeared to me even more relevant because the 23rd degree of Capricorn happens to be also close to the degree of the long awaited conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, on January 13 This transit is still active, the last pass occurring on November Trump Natal Chart in the inner circle; his Progressed Chart at the time of the July 16 Lunar Eclipse, in the middle circle; and the Transits of the same Eclipse in the outer circle.

    At the time I did find the Eclipse significant for Trump because Mueller III was to testify to congress on the same day of the Eclipse, fact that seemed to spell trouble for Trump.