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We start Sunday bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as the Moon wanes in witty Gemini until a. Take it easy for the rest of the day when the Moon goes void-of-course for the rest of the day. VOC Moons are opportune times to go slow and get rested. Watch out for your reactions to cause significant changes on Monday, when the Sun squares unpredictable Uranus.

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Take a moment before you react to others while the Moon wanes in sensitive Cancer at a. The Moon will remain in this intuitive sign until a. Life runs just a little smoother, as the messenger planet helps us overcome misunderstandings and think on our feet. A New Moon in Leo arrives at p. The vibe of this New Moon will relate to how you are seen by others. Sparks fly on Friday when sensual Venus squares unpredictable Uranus.

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Instead of starting new projects, or reaching out to people whom you want to collaborate with, concentrate your efforts on taking care of yourself and your more immediate needs. Communication planet Mercury moves backward through Cancer on Friday, encouraging us to delve deeper into our memories.

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Take the opportunity to get offline and sort through your physical photos — pick out your favourites and find a new space for them in your home. Make time to connect with your loved ones as the Moon wanes in intuitive Pisces on Friday at p. EST through Saturday all day. On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio. In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss. We all know about the havoc wreaked by Mercury retrograde, but what about Pluto? The dwarf planet has been retrograde since April And on October 2, it.

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Early in the morning on Saturday, 28th September, the new moon will rise in Libra, the sign of the Scales. All new moons symbolise new beginnings, and with.

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As of September 23, the autumn equinox has arrived and Libra season has officially begun. Story from Horoscopes. We have a lot to be excited for in , stargazers!

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  5. For starters, three solar eclipses will occur this year. The first one, a partial solar eclipse, happens in Capricorn on January 5 or 6, depending on where you live. This event will occur between Saturn, the planet of structure, and Pluto, the planet of transformation.

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    And, since this eclipse occurs in go-getter Capricorn, we'll feel compelled to focus our collective attention on our work lives and ambitions. We will have our first lunar eclipse on January 20 to 2o during a full Leo moon, which will leave us feeling emotional and raw. This lunar eclipse will give us a chance to reflect on how we are seen in the world and how we think about self-presentation. Our second total solar eclipse occurs on July 2 in Cancer, while the second lunar eclipse of the year occurs in Capricorn on July This particular eclipse will sextile with Uranus, making it a much more lighthearted than 's first lunar eclipse. You may find that you want to change who you spend your time with — you may even wish to branch out and find a whole new community.