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In case you wanted to try your luck in politics, this is the time!

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Career: This December a lot of handsome opportunities are likely to strike your way but, with a trend of stress and confusion. To your surprise, you might get benefitted from a global organization as well. Business meetings will increase on the record of discussion of new projects and this kind of discussion will take place particularly from 16th December to 30th December Fresher might face delay in joining new job as Rahu is transiting in your tenth house, which will bring in confusions and obstacles.

Avoid changing job in this month. It is fitting to stick to your place of employment. Your colleagues might plan envious ways of defaming you, so be extra cautious during mid of this month. However, boss and seniors will be amazingly supportive and so the period will pass by with great ease. Do not keep burning your money on repairs of an old vehicle. Maintain balance in your savings account, so that you have enough saved for the Rainy Days!

Keep your Debit and Credit Cards at a safe place and make a point not to share your credentials with anyone. You would discover good ways of earning income with the help of amazing business contacts. And, keep a note on their dietary patterns as well. Even if she refuses, insist her for a check-up. There are odds of conflicts with the elder sibling on account of a heritage property. It is advisable to handle matters with caution and consideration, making sure that you do not ruin relation over a property.

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Try now Urgent - 24 hr Express Service days. Find Virgo Compatibility with Other Signs. Both equinoxes offer special energies that support spirituality and meditation. Aries, however, brings yet another gift: as the first sign of the zodiac, it starts the astrological year. According to sages and mystics, Aries also starts a new spiritual year. That makes March 20 even more powerful and important, and you can use its energies to create a new start for yourself. From our vantage point on Earth, it will look like Mercury is moving backwards in the sky.

As a Virgo, you feel Mercury retrograde keenly because Mercury rules your sign.

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Do be gentle with yourself at this time. Turning inward for spiritual nourishment can help you overcome any fuzziness or frustrations. Mercury rules everything related to communication, from computers and cell phones to speaking, writing, and listening. It also governs anything with moving parts, such as electronics, cars, and appliances. When Mercury goes retrograde, generally three times a year for three weeks at a time, the areas it rules also slow down and often experience challenges.

This retrograde occurs in Aries, a fire sign that can be impulsive and impatient because it wants to go, go, GO!

March 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Virgo

Prepare now by backing up your computer and other devices and updating software in the first week of March. During the retrograde, allow yourself to slow down. Instead, focus on anything "re": review, redo, rethink, recycle, reverse, restore, and so on. This is an excellent time to dust off a past project or idea and see what you can make of it. Learn more and get all the Mercury retrograde dates for this year and coming years in my article, Mercury Retrograde Dates, Advice.

This month brings several key dates to watch as you plan your month. Mark your calendar and take action or rest as recommended on the dates listed here so your efforts can bring progress in all areas of your life. March 1: A full Moon in your sign, Virgo, lights your first house of personality, health, and pet projects. Something will peak around this time for your health, image, or a cherished project, and you may realize you need to improve your habits or personality or streamline a project so it can succeed.

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Balance self-improvement with time for your spouse or another close partnership so others can enjoy the constructive changes you make and offer feedback for refinements. This day and the day before and day after favor spiritual work: plan time for meditation and prayer. March 2: Your ruler, Mercury, in your seventh house forms a harmonious angle with Jupiter in your third house of communication, siblings, and travel.

Bring your spouse with you to visit a brother or sister or invite a partner to help with a communication project or negotiation. March 5 and 6: Mercury, your ruler, and Venus leave Pisces for Aries. Feel your thoughts and emotions begin to shift from introspection to outward action.

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  7. March 8: Jupiter goes retrograde until July This giant, optimistic planet entered Scorpio on October 10, , bringing expansion to your house of communication, community, brothers and sisters, and short trips. Perhaps you reconciled with an estranged sibling or reconnected with beloved cousins who live far away, or you may have begun a novel set in an exciting international locale or hired an expert to learn public speaking.

    With the retrograde, you have four months to review how you think and communicate, how well you get along with siblings, where and how you travel locally, and your vision for education and training. Consider changes or improvements if needed. Taking initiative financially can improve a real estate matter, powerful creative connections may help you find an agent or advisor, or your partner may know someone who can help with a concern related to children.

    March The Sun in your seventh house of committed partnership links to Jupiter in your sibling and travel house, inspiring you and a partner to assist a brother or sister, take a short trip, or attend a lecture by an esteemed expert.

    2020 Virgo Horoscope: A Stable And Calm Year Ahead

    March 13 — The Moon enters its balsamic phase , the "dark of the Moon" time before the new Moon. Slow down, review the past month since the new Moon of February 15, and enjoy a bit of daydreaming about what you want to do in the coming month. Find out more about this mysterious monthly time in my Balsamic Moon Phase article. Also, this period is excellent for spiritual work, meditation, and prayer.

    Also, Mars leaves expansive Sagittarius for earthy Capricorn in your creativity, love, and children house, igniting your desire to express yourself through the arts or play sports and giving you the energy and will to resolve concerns related to a child or romantic matter. March The Sun enters Aries, bringing a new astrological month, a new season, the spring equinox fall equinox in the southern hemisphere , and a new spiritual year.

    Make time to meditate on this highly significant day and feel the joyful energy of new beginnings as the Sun lights up Aries. This "power day" offers natural energies supporting spiritual work and planning for the year ahead. March Your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde in Aries. Use your powerful thoughts to overcome impatience and let yourself slow down, assess your financial situation and any needed improvements, review your spiritual practice, and explore your inner world.

    Wait until April 17 or later to sign contracts or start anything new. Get details on making the most of this period in my Mercury Retrograde Dates, Advice article. March 23 and Venus and the Sun in Aries make difficult alignments with Pluto and Mars in your creativity, romance, and children house.