Yod in astrology chart

Yods are rare and can be seen as fated, and a yod formation can act rather like an unaspected planet. Keepers of the "Finger of God" can also feel insecure, or have trouble expressing themselves, and there is an emphasis on unusual situations. This is because, ultimately, those with yods in their chart have a restless sense of unique purpose and a calling -- and can primarily only embody their purpose by BEING themselves, authentically. Inconjunct aspects are interesting because there's this inextricable connection between the three or more planets, but they speak different languages by element and modality and as such, require flexibility.

The yod is also described as embodying "a crisis in timing," in that since the three planets involved speak different languages, when a yod is activated, there are multiple different ways the native can go in response. Yods are strange, but also somewhat mystical and fated in that those who have yods are here to shed light upon generational patterns that have gone unaddressed for a long time.

Yod natives know they have a different type of purpose, and whether or not they ever actually figure out what that purpose is, just their very existence is a revolutionary act. Watch out that you don't attach exaggerated religious value to anything outside yourself.

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  • Yod in Astrology – A Karmic Pattern.

Try not to do anything too radical as in upheaving and quitting your life to make drastic changes ; try to pick up the thread of your life as much as possible. Four out of the last five natal chart clients I've worked with have yods, as do some very special people in my life, so I'm seeing the convergence. Jump to. Sections of this page.

Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. Allowing things to happen rather than seeking to steer them is what is called for here: yet, underneath, there is a new kind of adepthood which brings in a new form of control without holding on, if we can see it.

Yod (astrology)

Sun-Mercury and Mars-Pluto are sextile one another. There can be much uncertainty with the quincunx aspects, which can certainly stimulate restlessness and a vague feeling that the native is missing something undefinable. With the quincunx, there is often a sense that one thing has to be given up in order to gain in the other area, that there are always difficult choices to make. The focal point in this case, Jupiter will be an area where big life lessons occur. The yod can be accentuated when an opposition is thrown in, with two semisextile aspects too. The opposition forces the issue, and the apex planet then becomes very critical: what it represents needs to be consciously worked, owned, and integrated.

A configuration of intense aspects, formed by four squares. A special case of the Grand Square is the Grand Cross.

Quincunx Aspect and Yod Configuration in the Horoscope - Astrology Tutorial

Grand Square — the most intense quadrangular configuration. It encloses the person in a framework of severe constraints, which are perceived as pressing. The Grand Square gives a lot of energy which demands to be used, internal dynamism, insistence, force. Those with a Grand Square in the natal chart crystallize much very early.

These are very dynamic people, but they manifest inflexibly in relating to the world. This is shown most rigidly in a Grand Square with two internal oppositions see the Grand Cross. A more moderate form is the Grand Square without an internal cross.

In this case there are no rigid tensions between the poles, there is less dynamism, and more flexibility. In general, it is not necessary to consider the Grand Square as a destructive configuration; on the contrary, it is a very stable pattern producing results through effort.


Yod in natal chart “the finger of god”

A configuration of intense aspects, formed by four points of a horoscope which occur as pairs of oppositions connected by squares. Essentially, this aspect pattern is four interlocking squares. This Grand Cross is somewhat wide in orb. Life can be a series of challenges and crises for the native with a Grand Cross. Obstacles can come from within attitudes and without external circumstances. Rarely will a person with this combination choose the path of least resistance. They tend to seek out challenges.

Globa cites the Grand Cross as the most clearly operating configuration which symbolically corresponds to the element of Fire. Such people are very confident in their correctness and do not turn aside, but concede only under great pressure, and then only for a while.

McEvers suggest that when the Grand Cross is present in the natal chart, the native is capable of surprising efforts and vigorous activity. The direction of these efforts and actions depends on the cross of qualities and houses in which the points of the Grand Cross are located.

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The cardinal cross always indicates speed of action, the fixed cross strongly pronounced resoluteness when acting, while the mutable cross in many respects depends on the actions and reactions of other people. Acker remark that any attempt to solve a problem associated with one planet of the Grand Cross burdens the other planets connected in the configuration with problems. The native is thus compelled to hasten from one crisis situation to another, unable to concentrate on any one situation for long enough to truly find a constructive resolution.

If all the points of a Grand Cross are in one cross of qualities or cross of houses qualities, the problems of this cross will dominate the life of the native.

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Working with the planet of a Grand Cross which has the greatest number of harmonious aspects to planets not involved in the Grand Cross will enable the person to redirect energy for easier advancement. Podvodnyj states that it is better to treat the Grand Cross as a balance of oppositions, not concentrating efforts on one particular planet or horoscope house as a specific objective, but carefully tracing a rhythm of destiny, like balancing on the crest of a wave.

People with a Grand Cross in the natal horoscope have protection, but too high to conjecture a direct attribution. The configuration of aspects formed when points of a chart form a Grand Trine, and two of them sextile a fourth point or points. Uranus is sextile two points in the Grand Trine: Neptune and Jupiter. A Grand Trine alone may not provide enough impetus or challenge to develop the talents inherent in the Grand Trine. Natives with the Kite in their charts are more inclined to put the talents of the Grand Trine into action, hopefully constructively although not necessarily!

Levin state that a Kite gives internal stability, flexibility, and successful realization of abilities. To these are added the aspiration to transform surroundings, early accomplishment, activity, and aggressiveness. The Kite is a big driving force: it combines the abilities and stability of the Grand Trine with the skill inherent in the Bisextile to reap results. Possibly there could be ongoing external problems that require attention, or simply inner discontent. McEvers suggest that the biggest problem of the Kite is that the configuration comprises three different aspects, and can lead to excessive concentration on part of a chart and, correspondingly, to adverse utilization of other opportunities contained in the natal chart.

A configuration of aspects formed when two Grand Trines are present in a horoscope, connected with each other by sextiles. In the ideal case they form a hexagon. As this configuration is very rare, some will consider that a Star of David occurs even with two unconnected Grand Trines. McEvers remark that the Hexagon configuration offers natives exclusive opportunities, and a brilliant ability to communicate with other people.

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The danger of a Star of David consists in expenditure of energy, because of the increased many-sided, various interests and the numerous opportunities. Intense hard aspects can help with this difficulty. A configuration of aspects formed by five points of a horoscope, uniformly connected by five quintiles, and by biquintiles. Figures of this pattern in the natal chart look like a pentagram. In a fifth harmonic chart, all five points of a Pentagram are in conjunction.

Globa states that the Pentagram is the strongest configuration operating manifestly and constantly corresponding to the element of Fire.

Wendy Stacey, Professional Astrologer, Buckinghamshire, UK

The Pentagram is connected to natural processes of creative regeneration — in the native there is a prerogative to search constantly, there are constantly new events in his life, and he can rectify his life. A configuration of aspects formed by four points of a horoscope: each point is in quintile to one point, in sesqui-quintile tredecile to another, and in opposition to the third. Globa states that the action of an Envelope is similar to a synthetic rectangle, but at another level. For the native there is a smooth transition from struggle, a choice, break to clearing.

There are opportunities for searching freely, demonstrating personal initiative, and innovating. Struggle passes smoothly into freedom. A configuration of aspects formed when four points of a horoscope are uniformly connected by three sextiles, with the first and last points in opposition. Globa states that a native having a Trapeze in the radix can gain energy only from within a context of struggle. The native can take from life only what they have gained, i. In human life, this is more important than the force of creation — but without refusing something, without choosing, the native cannot construct the best future.

The person can step aside from the struggle, but this is just a delay, like being in a comfortable prison. The Trapeze does not give in a life of protection, and you will not gain from it. At worst a constructed building can fail, if a person has chosen a situation of protection without having prepared and cleared away the foundations.