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Yoga refers to the planetary combinations and their special results, which affect the life of an individual. Description of Yogas and the astrology of India, sample lesson from the Email Course A unique characteristic of Indian astrology are the yoga's. Should the Sun and the Moon be in conjunction in a horoscope with an Aries ascendant, Gandhi has in his horoscope, amala yoga calculated from the ascendant Moon in.

In Vedic astrology associations the planets form or variations of how.

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Chandra Mangala Yoga is when Mars is conjunct, or opposed the Moon. A benefic in the 10th house from the Moon or the ascendant is Amala Yoga.

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The conjunction of the Sun and Venus occurring in other houses will give " Amala Yoga will confer fame lasting as long as Chandra and the. Rajayogas: — Lords of Quadrants and Trines in conjunction, exchange houses, Anapha yoga: — any planet except Sun is present in 12th house from Moon and Amala Yoga:— Mercury, Jupiter and Venus posited in quadrant from Moon and.. In natives horoscope, Lord of the 5th house Mercury and Venus are posited in. The intensity of the combination reduces greatly if such conjunctions take These are the yogas which are caused by the position of the Moon and are If a benefic is placed in the tenth from either the moon or the ascendant, Amala yoga is.

When Mars is conjunct Moon in a house, it forms Chandra Mangala yoga. Notes: This yoga gets cancelled if - i. Moon is in conjunction with any other planet, ii. There are planet s in angular position from Moon iii.

Moon is in angular. The individual is courageous and lives for more than six decades. When Mars is in 7th or in combination with Moon, this yoga is formed. This indicates more landed properties, reputation, and wealth for the native. Restlessness and worry is also there. A planetary combination in which the Ascendant is occupied by the lord of the sign in which the 9th lord is also placed while Mars is posited in the 5th house.

Persons born under it are powerful, attain a high social status in life but do not have male issues.

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It is a planetary combination in which all planets occupy the 10th to the 4th houses. Persons born under it are expert thieves, and are socially despised. Chapa Yoga is also formed if the Sun is in Aquarius, Mars in Aries, and Jupiter in its own sign, which makes the individual a globetrotter.

A planetary combination formed by Jupiter in a cardinal house from the sign occupied by the lord of the 9th house, Venus in a cardinal house in respect of the sign occupied by the lord of the 11th house, and the Ascendant lord and the lord of the 10th house themselves placed in the cardinal houses. This combination makes the individual erudite and successful in his undertakings and much respected.

He is well provided with material possessions and lives a very long life. An auspicious planetary combination formed by all planets, benefices as well as malefics, occupying cardinal houses. It bestows wealth, affluence, and high status in life. Such a person becomes famous even after death. A planetary combination formed by all planets situated in the first seven houses of the chart. It makes the individual very happy from the beginning of his life till the very end.

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An auspicious planetary combination formed in several ways. If Venus aspects Jupiter placed in the 3rd house, while the lord of the 3rd is in exaltation, Danda Yoga is formed. Alternatively, it takes place when all planets are placed only in Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces signs. Danda Yoga makes a person respected, very rich, an able administrator, and a pious person. Persons born in Daridra Yoga suffer deprivations of different intensities and meet unlucky and trying conditions of life. They earn by foul means. Their social life is dishonourable. They meet unexpected failures in life.

A planetary combination formed by Jupiter in Ascendant, Venus in 4th house, Mercury in the 7th, and Mars in the 10th house. It makes an individual very affluent and generous.

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A planetary combination formed by Ascendant placed in a fixed sign, Ascendant lord in 11th, the lord of 11th in Ascendant, and the lords of 2nd and 10th houses in mutual exchange. This combination is powerful in making the individual extremely beautiful, loved by pretty women, owner of vast wealth and villas. He attains a very high social status. A planetary combination constituted by the occupancy of Jupiter and Venus along with the lord of the 2nd in the 9th house.

It makes the person very pious, fond of warfare, chivalrous, and the commander of an army. He also becomes rich and charitable. The name of planetary combinations constituted by planets situated on either side of Moon. They generally produce affluence such as wealth, comforts in life, and high social status. Sun and the nodes must not be involved in this combination. If Moon is flanked by Mars and Mercury the combination makes the individual cruel, greedy, fond of old women, and a liar.

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Mars and Jupiter in the position make the individual renowned, clever, rich and a defender of others from adversaries. Venus and Mars make the individual fond of warfare, rigorous physical exertion, and courageous deeds. With Saturn and Mars, the individual becomes an expert in sexual art, accumulates much money, indulges in a fast life, and is surrounded by enemies. The combination of Jupiter and Mercury bestows religiosity, knowledge of scriptures, all round affluence and renown. Mercury and Venus in the situation make the individual beautiful, attractive, affluent, courageous, and the recipient of high official status.

Moon in between Saturn and Mercury enables the individual to travel to different countries in pursuit of wealth. Jupiter and Venus make the individual patient, intelligent, balanced, and ethical, he acquires jewels, renown, and good administrative position. When Venus and Saturn form the combination, they enable the individual to acquire an aged wife from a respectable family, they make the individual skilled in many trades, loved by women, and respected by government officials.

Saturn and Jupiter flanking Moon create much difficulties in the personal life of the individual, he is often surrounded by scandals, difficulties, and litigation, though from these he emerges unscathed. Durudhara Yoga makes the individual endowed with much physical comfort, wealth, loyal helpers, and sincere followers, but towards the end in the individual's life there arises a strong impulse for renouncing the worldly possessions. A planetary combination formed by all the malefic placed in the 8th house and all benefices in the Ascendant.

Under this combination, a leader is born in this combination.

The planetary combination in which all planets occupy different houses in a sequential manner. It makes the individual an emperor. A planetary combination formed in two ways: Moon posited in 2nd house along with Jupiter and Venus, or the lord of 9th house aspecting them and ii all planets, excluding the nodes are posited in adjoining cardinal houses. Gada Yoga makes the individual engaged in philanthropic and religious activities but fierce in appearance and free from any enemy. He earns much money. He is also happily married. A planetary combination in which the lord of the 7th house from Ascendant, which would be 9th from the 11th house, is in the 11th house along with Moon, and the lord of the 11th house aspects them.

A person born under this combination is always happy, rich, religious, and lives in luxurious style. An auspicious planetary combination formed by certain relationships between Moon and Jupiter. It postulates that Jupiter must be in an angle from Moon or the Ascendant or that benefics such as Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury without being debilitated or combust, aspect the Moon. An alternative condition is that Jupiter in a quadrant from the Ascendant or Moon is in association with or expected by benefics which are neither combust nor posited in the 6th house.

The combination makes the individual bright, affluent, intelligent, accomplished and favored by the government. This yoga is both protective from evil consequences of other maleficent as well as productive of auspicious results. The planetary combination formed by exaltation of the lord of the Ascendant, and strong Jupiter placed in its Mool Trikona in association with the lord of the 2nd house. It makes the individual hail from an elite family and bestows upon him happiness, attractive appearance, and high social standing.

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A planetary combination relating Jupiter and Rahu. When these two planets are associated together in a house, it produces inauspicious results. It makes the individual depraved and inclined to indulge in socially and morally unethical activities.